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I'm Axel , alias Elanis , I begin programming for 5 years and i'm a full-stack developer for 3 years. I'm 18 years old. I'm interresed by computers and how it works, I make developer studies and I learn by myself.

The most of the time , I code from scratch , but i'm using my own librairies, the most of my applications are oriented object following MVC pattern.

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My Projects

Website [English] Randomeme

randomeme Preview

Addon [English] Spacelife

spacelife Website Github Steam Workshop

Website [Francais/English]

getinylink Preview

Website [Francais/English] Dev42

dev42 Preview

Addon [English] Scifi-Pack

scifi-pack Website Github Steam Workshop

Addon [English] Ultimate Constrainer

ultimate-constrainer Steam Workshop

Website [Francais/English] Space-scifi

space-scifi Preview

Projects I am member of

Addon [Multi-Languages] Evolution Addon Pack

eap Website Github Steam Workshop

Projects made for Customers

Website [Francais] Gaspar

gaspar Preview
Old or closed projects

Website [Francais] SG-E / EAP v2

sge Preview